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Scandinavian Personnel is a powerful partner offering a range of services for clients and organizations, all with one common goal:
To contribute to our customers and clients success.

  • Company presentation
  • Job postings
  • Lay Out included in all services
  • Social Media presence
  • One-point-contact

Company presentation
It makes a difference when jobseekers can relate directly and personally to the story of your current employees, at the same time learning what characterizes your corporation. A company presentation should therefor among others contain.

  • Vision and challenges
  • Services, solutions and core business
  • Strategy and global reach
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Results and future prespective

Our team, all dedicated to excellence. Has the knowledge and expertise! Let us help you attract and retain the right personnel for your company.

Job postings
Finding the right candidate for your company in today’s job market requires connections, resourcefulness, and expertise. We’re here to ensure that your vacancies are spread across a wide geographical area. Throughout our network of job boards, social media, search engines and partnersites in an efficient and cost effective manner.  

Inspirational advertisements
Stand out - Dare to be different. Make your job posting stand out from the rest.