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About ScanPers

Welcome to, a meeting place for inspiration, motivation, creativity and professional advice.  
ScanPers is part of 
SkanPers Kommunikation AB (Swedish Ltd) 

We passionately believe that people influence people! A personal touch, strong relationships and good ambassadors
combined with people’s desire for new experiences make us meet, and makes cultures work together. 

An increasing number of International companies are looking to recruit experienced personnel from the Scandinavian countries,
to positions world-wide. We are determined to create the best network for offshore business looking for Western trained personnel.
A goal we will achieve by being dedicated to excellence.

It's your job to find the right people - it's our job to make it easier. Attract and engage quality candidates for your business 
by contacting us today

ScanPers is dedicated to excellence, always aiming to provide the best candidates for employers, and the most attractive job offers worldwide for western trained personnel.


With our knowledge, experience and dedication we are determined to contribute to the success of others.

Core values

Integrity • Service • Quality
Flexibility • Reliability • Partnership

Mission & commitment

  • A professional and individually tailored service for each client and candidate
  • Innovative solutions to our clients' and candidates' needs
  • An ethical recruitment process that balances the needs of our clients and candidates