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ScanPers, the gateway to Scandinavian workforce and jobs in Scandianvia.

HQ: SkanPers Kommunikation AB, Hörnåkersvägen 14, 183 65 Täby, Sverige

Phone:  Office +46 (0) 85151 2188 Mobil +46 (0) 85151 2188   
             Norway: +47 412 40 567
             UK: +44 075 845 71 020


Welcome to ScanPers (Scandinavian Personnel)
Having worked within sales for the past 25 years I consider myself creative, dedicated and service minded. With a Team of experienced, skilled and highly motivated colleagues, all passionate and dedicated to excellence, we are eager to provide the best service for our clients and visitors, Nationally as well as Internationally. 

We are energized by our belief that people influence people. The world is full of opportunities for us all, regardless of race, gender or status. This includes the job and the employer of our dreams, a dream that should be within reach of everyone. We’d be proud to be of service to you and your company.

Ellen Oiesvold Palsen

Kind regards, Ellen 
CEO, SkanPers Kommunikation AB   
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"Ellen is a true professional and one of the warmest, most friendly people that you could hope to work with. She is extremely competent with everything that she does and truly operates above and beyond the call of duty. It is an absolute pleasure to know Ellen both personally and professionally"

“I have cooperated with Ellen for several years, and can give her my very best recommendations. Ellen knows her business and creates great value for her clients. Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative" 
Kate M. Frogner

"She has a strong knowledge of the locum marked, and is loyal and dedicated to her work. Ellen has a sincere and strong customer focus with an impressing 24:7 service attitude! Her high professional, but also very pleasant personal qualities lead to a highly productive and valuable cooperation" 
Tor Sagbakken

"She understands and reads customer needs and has a talent to relate and recommend just the right solution. She has high servicelevel and a always nice personality which by the way comes very natural for Ellen" 
Jesper D. Jenssen